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Turn Telegram into the Perfect Slack Alternative.

Bring all of your team’s Telegram chats, users, and admin settings into a single, organized workspace.

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Replace Slack with Telegram.

Your team loves Telegram, but as everyone who uses it for work knows, the app wasn’t designed with business coordination in mind.

Keeping track of channels, managing access, and ensuring everyone can find the information they need are just a few of the areas Telegram falls short.

We've been there, we've felt the pain, and we're building Telefuel Teams to help.

Team Chat on Telegram, Like Never Before.

Shared Team Workspaces

Organize company chats into shared workspaces for enhanced coordination.

Streamlined Access & Permissions

Ensure all your Team members have access to all Team-related chats - and that all outsiders don't.

Chat Directory & Discovery

Find & discover the chats and conversations you need to work effectively.

Team Member Directory

Access a team directory to quickly discover and connect with colleagues.

Secure Early Access.

Telefuel Teams is currently in stealth mode and set to be released to select partners in April 2020.

Eager to learn more? Fill out the form below and a Telefuel representative will be in touch within 24 hours.

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