Telefuel Power Features Guide

Telefuel is the Telegram client for power users & teams.

With Telefuel, your Telegram messaging experience will be faster, more organized, and more powerful than ever before.

In our Getting Started with Telefuel guide, we went over the first three basic steps to getting started with Telefuel, so if you’re new to Telefuel, start there.

(And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our team and community in our Telegram group @telefuel).

For users who are ready to take the next step, this guide will walk you through our advanced features to help you make your Telegram chat experience even more powerful:

1. Chat Folders

In the Getting Started Guide we introduced you to Workspaces. Folders sit inside workspaces and act as sub-dividers for you to organize Chats into.

In Folders, chats are pinned in place and aren’t dynamically sorted by time of last update, so you can easily find any chat you’re looking for.

Create a folder by clicking the New Folder button, or clicking [Command + Shift + F].

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Telefuel’s keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate Telefuel faster and more efficiently.

Hit Command + / to launch the keyboard shortcuts menu.

3. Chat Reminders

One of our personal favorite features - Chat Reminders lets you set a reminder in a chat so you can circle back to it later.

At the set date/time, your reminder appears in your Saved Messages, including a link to the relevant chat, and any note you included for yourself.

Schedule a Chat Reminder by hitting Command + Shift + H, or hitting the “Set Reminder” link in the sidebar of any chat.

4. Send Later

With Send Later, you can schedule a message to be sent to a chat at a later time, or whenever the user is back online.

Send Later is great for scheduling follow-ups at a certain time, or getting anything else queued up for advanced posting.

Schedule a chat to send later by hitting ⌘⇧⏎ while in a text field.

5. Notes

Since chats are constantly flowing, it can be useful to save important details, notes, or other information about a chat in a more long-term section.

Notes in Telefuel let you save notes on any chat. These chats can be Private (just for you) or Shared (with anyone else in the chat using Telefuel).

Access Notes by clicking on the Notes option in the chat sidebar.

6. Import Chats

Import Chats lets you import a list of Telegram users into a Workspace. This is great for organizing your contacts at scale more easily - whether it’s configuring a workspace of your Team Members, Customers, Prospects, or other.

To Import Chats into a Workspace, first navigate to a Workspace (or create a new one), then open the Add Chats dialogue:

Then, select the Import Chats option in the bottom left hand corner of the dialogue:

Last, paste a list of Telegram usernames into the input field with each username on a new line:

7. Send Mass Messages

Telefuel Pro ($5/mo) users can easily send mass messages to every chat in a Folder - a super useful feature for anyone doing outreach or managing relationships on Telegram.

To send mass messages, first, be sure to be a paying subscriber on our $5/mo Pro plan.

Then, you can right-click on any folder and click the Send Mass Message option.

8. Multiple Accounts

For power users juggling multiple accounts for different purposes, Telefuel lets you log-in and switch between multiple Telegram accounts.

You can add accounts and switch back-and-forth by clicking on the Switch Accounts option from the Settings page.

9. Dark Mode

Telefuel’s Dark Mode helps minimize eye strain by providing a darker view.

This is especially valuable in the evening and at night when you’re using lower light (looking into a white screen can be like looking into a light bulb).

Turn on Dark Mode by clicking on “Enable Dark Mode” in your Telefuel Settings menu.

That’s all for now!

If you haven’t already, request your invite to Telefuel today using the "Request Invite" button above.

As always, if you have any questions, issues, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach us via our Telegram Community. We respond to every inquiry!

See you on the inside!