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Make your Telegram experience more organized, powerful, and enjoyable.

Power users and professionals need a better way to communicate with their teams, partners, and contacts on Telegram.

We love Telegram, but we felt first hand the pain of using Telegram’s consumer-focused apps for professional use.

On Telegram, it was impossible to keep up with the ever-flowing conversations in large groups, to stay on top of all the unread messages and unread mentions, and, most frustratingly, to be limited to only 5 pinned chats with no other options for sorting or organizing chats.
So we’re building Telefuel.

Our mission is to provide power users on Telegram with the most advanced Telegram interface possible, so they enjoy a more organized, powerful, and enjoyable chat experience.

Chat Folders and Workspaces for Telegram

Something almost all Telegram power users can relate to is how disorganized and chaotic the Telegram chat list can be.

Like other chat apps, Telegram's chat list is sorted by the time of the most recent message in each chat.

This is perfectly fine for normal consumer use cases (like 1:1 chats or small group chats with friends and family), but once you start to introduce the massive supergroups, communities, and announcement channels on Telegram into the mix, Telegram's chat list gets messy very quickly:

Telegram allows us to pin up to 5 chats to the top of the chat list (more on that in the next section), but for most power users, that's simply not enough.

With Telefuel, you can organize all of your chats, groups, and announcements into different Workspaces and Chat Folders, so you can keep relevant chats in place together.

For example, you can make one Chat Folder for your internal company chats, another for conversations with partners or deals in progress, another for publications/media/influencers, and another for all your personal chats:

Telefuel's Chat Folders for Telegram is an extremely simple, yet powerful tool that'll help you make your Telegram chat experience more organized and efficient, so you can get back to growing your business.

Chat Type Filters for Telegram

The problem with the normal Telegram view is that all your chats, - your DMs, groups, communities, bots, and channels - are all thrown together in the chat list and sorted by the time of the last message.

Because large groups and communities are constantly active, they’re always fighting for the top positions, pushing your DMs down into the chatlist.

You have to scroll around the chat list to try and find your personal conversations. It’s inconvenient, and a bad experience.

Chat Type Filters are super simple - they separate your chat list into different tabs for DMs, Groups, Bots, and Channels.

It makes it extremely easy to go through and see a list of JUST your DMs, for example.

It’s extremely refreshing, and, simple as it is, it changes the way you can interact with and experience Telegram - making it easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you to find the people you’re looking for, and message them.

Unlimited Pinned Chats for Telegram

Power users on Telegram know the struggle.

Like other messaging apps, Telegram's chat list is dynamically sorted by the date of last update, and they limit users to just 5 pinned chats.

This is fine if you're just chatting with friends and family on Telegram. But if you're one of the many power users and professionals using Telegram for business, communities, and productivity, the 5 pinned chats limit isn't enough.
The chat list gets messy really quickly. We need more organization and sorting for our chats.

With Telefuel, you can create Workspace and Chat Folders to keep your Telegram organized and in place - and then you can pin unlimited chats into each Workspace and Chat Folder. No arbitrary limits.

Telegram's chat list is great for normal users, but power users need more. We felt the pain, and built Telefuel to help.

Filter Unread Messages and Unread Mentions on Telegram

Telegram can get messy. All of our chats, groups, communities, and channels are jumbled together into the same chat list, and dynamically sorted by the date of last update.

This often leads to a state where our unread messages and unread mentions are scattered randomly throughout the chat list - sometimes pushed deep into the abyss by less important chats or groups.

With Telegram, there's no easy way to filter your chat list for chats with unread messages or unread mentions, and if you're a professional or power user having important conversations or discussions on Telegram, this can be a major problem.

With Telefuel, you can easily filter your Telegram chat list for unread messages and unread mentions - bringing your most important chats to the forefront, so you never miss an important message again.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Telegram

Developers & gamers know the deal - when time is of the essence and speed is king, switching between your mouse and keyboard is an efficiency killer.

So we've built all the major Telefuel actions and affordances into the keyboard with Keyboard Shortcuts for Telegram.

With Telefuel's keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate your entire Telegram chat experience without leaving the comfort of your QWERTY (or DVORAK for you real killers).

You can navigate through different Workspaces & Chat Folders, move through different chats in the chat list, easily jump to chats with unread messages or unread mentions, and more.

Efficiency is the game, and keyboard shortcuts are the cheat code. With Telefuel’s keyboard shortcuts, your Telegram messaging experience will be more efficient than ever before.

Dark Mode for Telegram

Whether you're working late into the night, or just want to take it easy on your eyes, it's nice to not be staring into bright, white screen all day. We've got you covered.

With Dark Mode, Telefuel's primary color palette switches from white to black, so your eyes can rest easy while you navigate your chats quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

Send Mass Messages in Telegram

For folks managing multiple relationships at scale via Telegram, Telefuel’s Mass Messages feature allows you to send a template message to a group of users in a sub-folder.

To send a mass message, simply right click on a sub-folder title, and select “Mass Message” from the menu. (Note: mass messaging is only available via our $5/mo Pro plan.)

Mass Messages provide a convenient way to initiate conversations with multiple contacts or chats at scale.

It’s extremely convenient and valuable, and is yet another example of how Telefuel can meaningfully changed the way you interact and communicate with with other users on the Telegram network.

Multiple Account Support for Telegram

Whether for managing multiple business accounts, community management, customer support, or fighting off oppressive regimes, multiple account support makes managing and switching between multiple Telegram accounts easier, faster, and more efficient.

To access the multiple accounts feature in Telefuel:

1. Bring up the Settings window by clicking on your user icon in the bottom left hand corner.
2. Select the “Switch Accounts” option in the menu
3. Click “Add Account”
4. Sign in to your new account

After signing in to multiple accounts, you can switch between your accounts easily through the Switch Accounts menu in settings (we’ll make this more accessible over time with new keyboard shortcuts and a more convenient switching menu).

The Multiple Account Support feature is available to all users, Free and Pro, and there are no limits to how many accounts you can sign in to.

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