We're live on Product Hunt. (You can help!)

Alan VanToai
November 7, 2019

Hey folks - big news! Telefuel just went live on Product Hunt!

Telefuel’s launch page: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/telefuel-for-telegram

Product Hunt, for anyone unfamiliar, is a community where people share, learn about, and discuss new products, mostly in the technology and software space.

Every day, new products are presented to the community, and people vote on the products they like the most that day (like a community poll).

The top products each day often see huge increases in exposure, traffic, and signups after going big on Product Hunt.

Since this is Telefuel’s first major release, we’d love your help making it a success 🙂

To help, you can simply head over to Telefuel’s launch page, and show your support:


(If you genuinely like the product, “support” can mean dropping an upvote and/or comment to help us along in the rankings, but don’t feel pressured to!)

Thanks, and to the moon!! 🚀✨🌙

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Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of Telefuel
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