Nuevo en Telefuel! Traducciones al Español! (Spanish Translations 🤗)

Alan VanToai
November 18, 2019

Hey folks - we're extremely excited to announce that Spanish Translations are now live in Telefuel!

Early this week we enjoyed a huge influx of Spanish-speaking users thanks to a feature from

We saw a near tripling of our user base and community in the two days following the post, primarily from Spanish-speaking countries. (Big thanks to GenBeta for the feature!)

To accommodate our new Spanish-speaking friends, we’ve taken the time to translate our app and website to Spanish!

You can see our newly translated website at, or by clicking the language selector in the bottom right hand corner:

Users can access Spanish translations in the app by clicking on the Language selector under the User Settings menu:

Finally, we're excited to announce a new Spanish speaking community. You can join our Spanish Community at

As always we are excited to be building for this new community of users! If you haven't yet, what are you waiting for?

Get started with Telefuel for free at, and join our community at or for Spanish!

Thanks, and we'll see you on the inside!


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Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of Telefuel
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