New In Telefuel! Chat Reminders, Notes, and Scheduled Messages

Alan VanToai
February 10, 2020

It’s February already!? With another month in the books, we’re pleased to share the release of several BIG new features and updates in Telefuel.

For those unfamiliar, Telefuel is the Telegram client built specifically for professionals, power users, and teams.

With Telefuel, the Telegram messaging experience is faster, more organized, and more powerful - thanks to Telefuel’s power features including Workspaces, Chat Folders, Chat Type Filters, Unread Messages/Mentions Filters, and more.

Today we’re excited to add three big new features including Chat Reminders, Notes, Scheduled Messages, and Shared Media Panel to the list. Details below.

If you haven’t already, you can request an invitation to Telefuel today at, and engage with our founding team and community directly in our Telegram group at

Chat Reminders

We're extremely excited to announce Chat Reminders in Telefuel!

This is a powerful new feature that will help you manage your conversations, workflows, and relationships in Telegram more effectively than ever before.

Example use cases:

  • A team member has a request or some information that you want to circle back to, but don’t have time to address right now.
  • You’re chatting with a potential customer or partner and want to remind yourself to follow up next week.
  • You want to remind yourself to check in on a community at a certain time in the future.

Today, in Telefuel, you can do all those and more with Chat Reminders.

To set a reminder on a chat, press Command + Shift + H or Ctrl + Shift + H while in a chat, or select “Set Reminder” from the chat sidebar menu.

Telefuel treats reminders three different ways:

  1. Active reminders are displayed below the chat header and pinned message.
  2. The chat is marked as unread when the reminder is sent.
  3. The reminder message is sent with the Telefuel link to the chat. As such, these links will only work if you are using Telefuel Desktop (don't fret because Telefuel Mobile is coming around the corner)

Let's walk through an example.

Matt is in conversation with Alpha who wants a couple days to think over a proposal. Matt will follow-up the following day, so he sets a reminder.

First, Matt sets the reminder:

At the day/time of the reminder, Matt is sent a reminder in his Saved Messages with a link to the chat and the note he left himself:


This is another exciting feature that when combined with Reminders can create powerful workflows for your messaging communications.

Whether you're in a private or group chat, you can now write notes into the chat details sidebar.

Because of the flowing/ephemeral nature of chat, it’s easy for some information to get lost over time.

Notes in Telefuel are thus extremely useful when you want to remember specific information about a conversation, person, or group, such as:

  • Next steps around a particular conversation
  • Important details for future team members
  • Follow ups or to-dos
  • Things you want to remember about a certain person, DM, or community

There are two types of notes:

  1. Private
  2. Shared

With private notes, only you are able to view the notes, whereas shared notes are visible to all members of the chat and synchronized in real time.

Moreover, you can use Github flavor markdown to style your text, add hyperlinks, and even create to-do lists for your meetings and follow-ups.

Scheduled Messages

We've integrated Telegram's scheduled messages so that you can now send a message to a chat at a later date.

Right now, you can send a scheduled message by pressing Command + Shift+ Enter or Ctrl+ Shift + Enter (depending on your platform) after typing in a message.

This feature is extremely useful for anyone using Telefuel for important conversations that you want to be sure to follow up on later, or if you want to send a timely reminder/ping to someone in the future without forgetting.

Shared Media Panel

This is another parity feature with the official Telegram clients. Now you can browse shared media in a chat and quickly take actions on them such as downloading or forwarding a photo.

Bug Fixes & Updates

  • Improved image, videos, and gif sizing within the media viewer
  • Fix being unable to message certain chats
  • Fix ordering of folders when moving a chat to folder
  • Fix scrolling modal when moving chat to workspace
  • Fix scrolling bot commands preview
  • Use native scrolling styling
  • Allow searching for Saved Messages. Previously you would have to search for your own name.

Coming soon: Telefuel Mobile, Teams, and more!

That’s all for now! We have some BIG updates in the near future including mobile apps for Telefuel and Telefuel Teams.

To learn more about Mobile and Teams, sign up for the wait lists here:

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the inside!

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Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of Telefuel
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