We're Expanding Telefuel's Free Tier!

Alan VanToai
November 12, 2019

Great news! Today, we’re happy to share that we’re expanding the features available in Telefuel's Free tier.

Previously, Telefuel’s Free tier was limited to just 12 Chats per Workspace and didn’t include access to Telefuel’s Unread Messages and Unread Mentions Filter.

Starting today, all Telefuel Free users can enjoy Unlimited Chats per Workspace, plus complimentary access to our Unread Messages and Unread Mentions Filter.

Unlimited Chats Per Workspace

With Unlimited Chats per Workspace, Free users are now able to organize an unlimited number of chats into any of their Telefuel Workspaces.

Workspaces can be thought of as like folders for your different chats, allowing you to group and categorize relevant chats into one shared place.

For example, you can create one Workspace for your personal chats with friends and family, another for all your chats and groups related to your company, and another for  groups and channels of all the blockchain projects that you’re following or invested in.

It’s a simple, powerful way to make your Telegram chat experience faster, more organized, and more enjoyable.

Note: Free tier users are still limited to creating up to 3 Workspaces. Telefuel Pro users are able to create unlimited Workspaces.

Unread Messages and Unread Mentions Filter

Telefuel Free users can now take advantage of Telefuel’s fan-favorite Unread Messages and Unread Mentions Filter feature.

With Telegram’s official native apps, there’s no easy way to filter your chat list to only show chats with unread messages or unread mentions.

Often, this makes it hard for us to find and identify which chats need our attention. We’re left scrolling through the Telegram chat list, hunting to find the relevant chats with unread messages or unread mentions.

Well scroll no longer! Going forward, as a Telefuel Free users, you have the ability to filter your chat list for Unread Messages and Unread Mentions, so you can find the most relevant chats quickly and easily.

Telefuel: The Most Advanced Messaging Experience Ever Created

In the past 2 weeks, we’ve added some exciting new features to Telefuel including Mass Messages, Multiple Account Support, and Telefuel Web, Updated Keyboard Shortcuts, and Russian Language Support.

We're continuing to innovate and build new features for our users at a rapid pace, helping to make Telefuel not only most advanced Telegram experience ever created, but indeed the most advanced messaging experience ever created.

With this update, we’re excited to bring even more power to our Free users, and have plenty more to come.

As always, you can get started with Telefuel for free at https://telefuel.com/start.

And you can meet and interact with the Telefuel founding team and fellow users in our Telegram community at https://t.me/telefuel

See you on the inside!


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Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of Telefuel
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