New in Telefuel! Earn Free Telefuel Pro!

Alan VanToai
October 30, 2019

Today, we’re happy to be releasing our new Referrals feature in Telefuel.

With Referrals, you can earn free access to Telefuel Pro by referring new users to Telefuel.

Telefuel Pro: Unlock the full potential of Telegram

For those not yet familiar, Telefuel is the new Telegram chat client built for professionals and power users.

With Telefuel, the Telegram messaging experience is more organized, efficient, and faster than ever before.

Telefuel is free for basic usage, which allows users to create up to 3 chat folders, and up to 12 chats per folder.

Telefuel Pro is our premium product, which includes unlimited chat folders, unlimited chats per folder, and the ability to filter your Telegram chats for unread messages and unread mentions.

Normally, Telefuel Pro costs just $10/mo, or $100/year (20% discount for annual subscribers)

Earn free Telefuel Pro

Today, with Referrals, you can earn FREE access to Telefuel Pro, simply by referring your friends and contacts to sign up for Telefuel:

Referring your friends is easy:

  1. Click the gift icon in the Telefuel sidebar
  2. Select which contacts you’d like to invite to Telefuel
  3. Customize the invitation message, press send, and you’re done!

(Optionally, you can copy your unique referral code, and share it anywhere - email, on the web, or on other social networks or chat apps.)

When any new user signs up for Telefuel using your unique link, you’ll both earn a free month of Telefuel Pro - giving you both access to unlimited chat folders, unlimited chats per folder, and access to the unread messages and unread mentions feature.

(You can track how many Telefuel Pro credits you’ve earned by going to your Subscriptions page in the Settings menu.)

There’s no limit to how many free months you can earn, but your referrals have to be new users to Telefuel, so get your invitations out as soon as possible.

So that’s Referrals in Telefuel!

If you haven’t already, you can download Telefuel for free at, and get started earning your free Telefuel Pro credits today.

Thanks for reading!

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Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of Telefuel
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