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Alan VanToai
June 10, 2020

Since we began work on Telefuel in 2019, many of our users have noticed that the product has struggled with a variety of quality, performance, and speed issues.

Much of this can be traced back to one of the earliest technical decisions we made at the very outset, which was to build Telefuel using web-based technologies (React/JavaScript and Electron) to ship cross-platform applications to Mac, Windows, Linux and the web.

While building with React/Electron gave us the ability to quickly & efficiently build a convincing proof of concept  (that hundreds of people use every day!) with just 2 developers, it has been brutally clear to us and our entire community that the user experience just wasn’t up to par.

And boy... what a par.

For better for or worse, the fact is, if you’re going to build a messaging app, your product is going to be compared to some of the most polished, well-funded, and well-engineered applications in production today.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, and, of course, Telegram itself (which, perhaps ironically, is arguably the best in class) - these are the products that anyone who uses Telefuel will immediately draw comparisons to.

Try as we might, the React/Electron builds just weren’t cutting it.

So we’re starting fresh.

As the video above describes, about a month ago we broke ground on a 100% overhaul of Telefuel leveraging a new cross-platform framework called Flutter, which compiles to native code across all platforms (including mobile!).

While it’s still early, the performance improvements that we’re seeing are extremely exciting.

The app is snappy, fast, lightweight, and high-performance - all things that were missing from our React/Electron builds to date.

We’re estimating we’re about 6 weeks from having this newer version ready to test, so look for an update from us on this release around early August, and until then, our existing applications remain available and free to use for anyone interested.

We wanted to provide this update to you in case you had noticed that, after months of regular product updates, our team seemed to have gone quiet over the past few weeks.

Rest assured, we’re hard at work (re)building the best product possible, to help you, your team, and your community work together more effectively with chat going forward.

We thank you for your patience, and are looking forward to hitting you with our next update here in a few weeks.

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the inside.


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Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of Telefuel
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