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Supercharge your Telegram workflow with workspaces, chat folders, unread message filters, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

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Organize Your Telegram Chats

Sort your Telegram chats, groups, channels, and DMs into workspaces and folders, so you can stay more streamlined and organized than ever before.
Chat Type Filter

Find Your Important Chats Faster

Chat tabs separate your DMs, Groups, Bots, and Channels, so you can access the chats you care about. (You won't believe how convenient is this)

Never Miss an Important Message

Filter your chats by unread messages and unread mentions, so you never miss an important message or mention again.

Bulletproof Security & Data Privacy

All your messages go directly to & from Telegram's servers via their secure messaging protocol, MTProto. Telefuel never sees, touches, or stores any of your messaging data. Learn More.

Work Faster & More Efficiently

Navigate your Telegram experience faster and more efficiently with organized workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, and lightning fast performance.

Foster More Meaningful Discussions

Split your single large Telegram community into multiple smaller groups to enable more focused, relevant, and meaningful conversations.

For Desktop & Web. (Mobile Soon)

Download Telefuel for Mac, Windows, Linux, or Telefuel on the web. Native iOS and Android apps coming soon 👍🏼

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